• Vanda Clinic Management Systems

Key Features

  • Supports Single to Multi-practice Clinics
  • Support multiple level password protection and security checking
  • Appointments & Calendar

Benefits of Vanda

A “truly” integrated system for the “paperless” practice
– Electronic Health/Medical Records
– Electronic Claims Filing

Unique Selling Point

Not all features are listed as Vanda has other vertical industry features for Medical Spas,  Pharmacies, Medical Centres and more.

Overview Diagram

The Overview Workflow of Vanda Clinic Management Systems

Medical care design over grey background, vector illustration

Online Vanda is up

Online Vanda is a Clinic Management Systems that can be used by doctors, nurses, pharmacist, dispensers or whoever holds a operational or managerial post in the clinic, pharmacy, office and etc.

Online Vanda records and maintains series of information related to patient’s medical and service history. It also provides analytic reports for clinic management concerning inventory, income and customer relationship management.

Online Vanda provide solutions which significantly increase the clinical efficiency, allowing doctors/nurses to spend more time with patients and less time with paperwork.

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Aesthetic Management Systems

Vanda Aesthetic Management Systems

Key Features
  • Maintains customer information
  • Support multiple level password protection and security checking
  • Common calendar view with multiple view
  • Consent form module with signature pad interface ready
  • Manage inventory items
  • Maximize efficiency of daily operations
  • Manage every aspect of medical spa
  • Improve workflow management and resources for staffs
  • Reduce the amount of paperworks
  • Monitor and control payment collection and inventory status.
  • Administrative Modules
  • Master data management
  • User Role and User Management
  • Service Commission
  • User Commission
  • Audit Trail
  • Aesthetics Management Modules
“I have worked in other clinics as an employee and seen all the other clinic’s software products, some costing
“Beside increasing productivity and saving time, Vanda software can assist clinic with drug control, alert him to drug allergies
“Vanda is a robust and yet an easy program to use. It is highly affordable and yet has functions