About Us

Magicsoft Asia Systems is a Singapore based IT Solution Provider. It was founded in year 1997. In the early days, we developed small desktop PC software and web based applications. Today, after years of experience, one of the software we came up with is VANDA, your #1 IT solution.

Vanda is an integrated, one stop platform which specializes in clinical and aesthetic software system mainly used by clinics, medical spas and beauty salons.

Vanda maintains and records information related to the patient/customer’s medical and service history for clinics/companies with single or multiple branches.

Our Mission

To cater for customers’ needs by providing quality services, hence help customers to achieve their goals. With our experience, skill sets and enthusiasm to serve our customers, we have been able to deliver cost effective IT solutions to our clients.

Our products and services range from wireless, mobile and web based applications, to two tier and three tier client-server applications. With a creative and experienced development team, we take care of customer special customizations.

The Company’s 5 Corporate Statements

Core Values

Customer Focus
Try our best to understand and anticipate the requirements from our customers. Build the solution to meet and even exceed the requirements. Focus on our customer and establish a long-term working relationship.
Advocate a transparent working environment and strictly adhere to all business ethics. One of our main principles is to maintain the world class standard we bring into all businesses.
Integrate the varied experiences and skills of our people to meet the common objectives of the customer. We value individual contributions and skills as a fundamental to success.
Creativity is nurtured and the generation of new ideas is encouraged. With the mastering skill in the Internet and object-oriented technologies, we have the ability to transform complex procedures into easy operations.
Excellence is a key to the success of our team. Every team member is equipped with the finest in skills and practices to ensure the highest levels of product and service delivery..
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