Join Us

If you are a C++, C#, Dotnet, Java, Delphi programmer who is able to both work independently and are cooperative with team members, we would like to invite you to be one of our programmers at Malang or to be a Full Time Smart E-generation (SEG) member . As a SEG member, we will offer various projects to you.
You will have to complete a test before we confirm your qualification.

The questions for the test are categorized into various areas. In the test, you will have to submit one program writen in any of the programming language, like C++, C#, Dotnet, Java, Delphi and so on, from any of the following catogories. Your code and the way you structure the programs will reflect your strength in programming skill. Please submit your program together with the application form to and

A. Web Database

  • Write a web base program which able to display, add, edit records for patient records.
  • The database engine is using MS Access.

B. Chart

  • Design a web form to have input fields of “From Date” to “To Date” to query table “Commonreading”, the output chart can be presented 2 D format.
  • The chart can be generated from C# library or the reference, charting library.

C. Dial-up

  • Write a PC program that allow user to select Windows Dial-up connection and able to call the selected dial-up.

D. Watermark

  • Modify a C# watermark program, so that it store the input information into the text file instead.

E. Multimedia 

  • Make use of DirectX library given, modify the sample program in order to store the captured video photos into a MySQL table “PhotoList”.

F. Network ( socket communication )

  • Using the classes given, write a simple client-server program to store the messages ( socket ) that being transfered over network and store it into a MySql table.
  • You can also use your own data format for the messages being received at the server program.

G. AJAX feature

  • Write a program that contains features of AJAX approaches and methods


  • Show your capability in GIS programming