Annual Maintenance

Vanda Support Renewal/Reinstatement

What is Vanda’s Annual Maintenance Agreement policy?

Vanda annual maintenance agreement including bug fixes and technical support. Software Update Support is not included in Vanda annual maintenance service, it is chargable. Software Update Support guarantee access to new releases, product updates including new features.

Vanda maintenance will be compulsory form year 2019. We will not sell perpetual license any more, all the clients need to sign up Vanda maintenance if they want to continue using Vanda.

Payment term will be annually. Monthly interest rate 1% will apply for outstanding invoice.

Magicsoft doesn’t give any warranty on the hardware, network, or others that not related to Vanda. The annual maintenance agreement is only for Vanda support.


Customers who wishes to extend after the expiration date, they will require to pay the full amount of the license list price.

For the client who do not sign up maintenance contract, our team will not provide support to them, but they can seek help in our helpdesk.

If the Vanda users refuse to pay for the annual maintenance, for any update or call for help, they will have to pay SGD 2400 for Vanda basic license per branch.


Purchase of an Vanda Maintenance Agreement covers:

  • Technical support ( Standard 15 hours a year [ unit block 30 minutes]). Support is provided by TeamViewer, e-mail or live chat.

I have current annual maintenance coverage. How do I upgrade my software to the latest version?

If you have current annual maintenance coverage, Magicsoft’s technical support staffs will liaise with you.

How do I extend/renew my annual maintenance?

Customers can renew their annual maintenance before expiratation date.

NOTE: Magicsoft does not offer auto-renewals for upgrade protection.

Will Magicsoft still provide support if my annual maintenance has expired and not intending to renew/reinstate? 

Magicsoft reserves the rights to deny support to customers who has yet to reinstate the annual maintenance support contract to protect Magicsoft’s best interest.