Vanda Clinic Management Systems  (IT Solutions for clinics & healthcare)

Dear Doctors:

Thank you for choosing Vanda. Vanda is an information management systems designed for clinics, physician, doctors, pharmacy and medical healthcare centre.

 Vanda is developed by Microsoft C#, dotnet 2.0, database engine use Microsoft SQL. The software has been developed since 1997.

Data backup
It is usually hosted within your local area network and backup running on daily basis.
This backup is usually stored in an external hard disk.

Data security
The data is encrypted. A desktop PC will be used as Vanda PC server. An additional external storage will be attached to the desktop PC as daily backup.Since your system is hosted within their local network, we will install anti-virus (Symantec Endpoint cloud see here) in one your PCs.

 Data migration
We had successful migrate data from Clinic Assist, Medi 2000, Gluco, Clinic Manager, Encore.
We can migrate the following information: Doctors, Patient, Patient Company, Inventory, Drug Supplier, Services.
It should not be a problem as long as you have a database of using DBF.

If you are keen to find out more, drop us an email or just give us a call. We would gladly drop by your clinic to give you a demo on Vanda.

Thank you.


Vanda is a Clinic Management Systems that can be used by doctors, nurses, pharmacist, dispensers or whoever holds a operational or managerial post in the clinic, pharmacy, office and etc.Vanda records and maintains series of information related to patient’s medical and service histrory. VandaCare, a preventive healthcare IT solution, make early intervention to prevent or reduce non-communicable diseases (NCD) morbidity possible. It is more than just a health tool, but also an empowerment tool to help us to take on more responsibilities for our own health.

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