General Practitioner

Patient Registration

  • Data can be easily found with the filter function
  • This device can read any passport, IC capture an image of any document, and scan a 2D barcode IDs to transfer data thus it can transfer image (IC/passport) photo and details into the computer within a minute.
  • Paperless, do not need to worry about human error, losing or scanning the registration form as once the card has been scanned it would be saved in the computer.

Assisting device: 3M™ QS1000 Full Page Reader

Vanda Queue System

  • Selected patient queue number shows on LCD with alert sound
  • Various font colour and sizes


  • On average 15-20% of appointments made are “no show” and this is due to customers/patients either forgetting or cancelling their appointment.
    • Thus this causes two effects: Time slot is not utilized and billable revenue is reduced.
  • Thus with our SMS/Email alerts the customers/patient would be alerted thus it saves time and improves attendance.
  • Customers/ patients would have greater satisfaction and this reduces administration and communication cost. Staffs can focus more on more important task.
  • Reduce patient waiting times at clinic

Products Label

  • Print labels for patient particulars, mailing address, dispensing drugs, suppliers address, corporate clients address, allergic drugs, doctor referral addresses.
  • Uses thermal printing technology thus no expensive ink ribbon or toner is required, help save cost
  • Compact Printer size, save space
  • Print up to 40 labels a minute

Assisting Device: DYMO Label printer

Electronic filing and reading

  • Ensures convenience & efficiency as doctors can get their preset SOAP templates from the Clinical Data Library for common symptoms and illnesses
  • Readings can be automatically Bluetooth save and stored in computer.
  • Work directly on the screen with the Wacom pen. Use your hand eye coordination to naturally annotate presentations, mark-up and sign your documents, draw and write handwritten notes.

Assisting device: Wacom Interactive Pen Display, Omron Bluetooth® Body Composition Monitor, Omron Pedometer with Wireless Communications & Bluetooth® Pedometer Docking Station , TaiDoc Infrared Thermometer, Electronic Signature pad.


Medical certificate and Insurance claims

  • Able to approve a percentage of the full amount
  • Reduces human error and able to save and store data
  • Thus lesser paperwork and data can be easily found by filter.
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