Managed Care Organisation

What is Managed Care Organisation?

Plan  and Policygeng Master setup

  • Identify details for Service Type, Max Visit, Max Amount, Duration By Days
  • Clarify the Policy Year, Policy Plan

Company category and their specific limitation

  • Easily define Company Panel, Insurance Company, Managed Care Organisation
  • Setup Claim info, such as Consultation Fees, Max Per Visit, Registration Reminder, Entitlement

Patients/Members status checking 

  • Online instant checking the status and availability of Patients/Members
  • Thus with our SMS/Email alerts the customers/patient would be alerted thus it saves time and improves attendance.
  • Customers/ patients would have greater satisfaction and this reduces administration and communication cost. Staffs can focus more on more important task.

Insurance claims

  • Able to approve instant claim submission
  • View status of claims immediately
  • Record and keep track of Insurance Payment
  • Reduces human error and able to save and store data
  • Thus lesser paperwork and data can be easily found by filter.
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