Medical Spa

Products Label

  • Print labels for patient particulars, mailing address, dispensing drugs, suppliers address, corporate clients address, allergic drugs, doctor referral addresses.
  • Uses thermal printing technology thus no expensive ink ribbon or toner is required, help save cost
  • Compact Printer size, save space
  • Print up to 40 labels a minute

Assisting Device: DYMO Label printer

Integrated CRM Ready

  • Integrated for customer relationships management with features such as SMS/Email alerts & notifications
  • Loyalty Program to thank customers for their support (Birthday vouchers and VANDA membership)
  • Attract and retain customers.


  • On average 15-20% of appointments made are “no show” and this is due to customers/patients either forgetting or cancelling their appointment.
    • Thus this causes two effects: Time slot is not utilized and billable revenue is reduced.
  • Thus with our SMS/Email alerts the customers/patient would be alerted thus it saves time and improves attendance.
  • Customers/ patients would have greater satisfaction and this reduces administration and communication cost. Staffs can focus more on more important task.

Clinical Data

  • Consist of patient historical treatment records.
  • User may use image editor to do comparison of the before and after treatment. They can indicate using the pen tool and once it is done it would be saved into patient clinical data.
  • Thus, user would be able to show other customers/patients the before and after image to boost their confidence towards company and it would be more convenient to explain and elaborate with customers/patients with a pen tool.

Patient Consent Form

  • Reduce paperwork or missing of documents since customers can just sign on WACOM or tablet and it will be saved and stored in computer
  • Able to compound client/patient, witness and doctors signature

Assisting device: WACOM Signature Tool


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