Product label

  • All the information stored in the system, reducing the need for paperwork.
  • Reduces the likelihood of human error (i.e. losing your paperwork)
  • All the information at your fingertips.

Clinical data

  • Consist of patient historical treatment records.
  • User may use image editor to do comparison of the before and after treatment. User can indicate using the pen tool and once it is done it would be saved into patient clinical data.
  • Thus, user would be able to show other customers/patients the before and after image to boost their confidence towards company. Hence, it would be more convenient to explain and elaborate with customers/patients with a pen tool.

Human error

  • With electronic filing and reading, data is stored and saved in computer immediately.
  • Registration time is immediate and do not need to worried of “blanks” in registration forms.
  • Human error of drug dispensing would be greatly reduced.

Compact equipment

  • Equipment such as Dymo Label Printer is compact and don’t take up much space in the workplace.

Audit Trail

  • Use Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and integrate with leading credit card services to reduce fraud.

Report Modules

  • Wide array of reports available for easy access to information such as statistical information of patient, drug dispensing, sale report, etc.
  • Select report by date for easy reading
  • Drives towards becoming paperless and increasing efficiency.
  • Reduces human error
  • Fast report generator

Insurance Claims

  • Reduces human error and able to save and store data.
  • Thus lesser paperwork and data can be easily found by filter.
  • Able to approve a percentage of the full amount.

Inventory Module

  • Easy management & search of inventory
  • Expiry date alert and restock alert via SMS or email is available to alert user about situation of the inventories.



  • On average 15-20% of appointments made are “no show” and this is due to customers/patients either forgetting or cancelling their appointment.
  • Thus this causes two effects: Time slot is not utilized and billable revenue is reduced.
  • Thus with our SMS/Email alerts the customers/patient would be alerted thus it saves time and improves attendance.
  • Customers/ patients would have greater satisfaction and this reduces administration and communication cost. Staffs can focus more on more important task.
  • Reduce patient waiting time at clinic.

Vanda queue system

  • Selected patient queue number shows on LCD with alert sound.
  • Various font colour and sizes.
  • Queuing System delivers smooth and seamless operations leading to increased customer satisfaction and profits.

Patient registration

  • Data can be easily found with the filter function
  • This device can read any passport, IC capture an image of any document, and scan a 2D barcode IDs to transfer data thus it can transfer image (IC/passport) photo and details into the computer within a minute.
  • Paperless, do not need to worry about human error, losing or scanning the registration form as once the card has been scanned it would be saved in the computer.

Assisting device: 3M™ QS1000 Full Page Reader

Electronic filing and reading

  • Ensures convenience & efficiency as doctors can get their preset SOAP templates from the Clinical Data Library for common symptoms and illnesses
  • Readings can be automatically Bluetooth save and stored in computer.
  • Work directly on the screen with the Wacom pen

Assisting device: Wacom Interactive Pen Display, Omron Pedometer with Wireless Communications & Bluetooth® Pedometer Docking Station , TaiDoc Infrared Thermometer, Electronic Signature pad.

Patient online access

  • Patient can have online access to their medication history record
  • User friendly software that enable patient to find their information easily thus leading to greater satisfaction

MIMS integrated

  • Provides:
  • Full product information
  • Pill identifier, easy to search.
  • Drug & allergy- highlight if drug prescribed is same as patient’s allergy.
  • A hallmark of excellence in providing approved local drug information, MIMS has been present in Asia Pacific for over 40 years serving more than 500,000 doctors healthcare professionals in 14 countries today.
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