Other Services

Backup Plan and BCD

As a Vanda user and valuable customer, we provide you with an option of backup which is part of business continuity plan. Please take a look at the proposed network diagram.

There are 3 backup which stores the Vanda database.

Website Development

Web Hosting Package and Charges

  • Free 1 .com domain, include DNS hosting ( .com.sg or .sg additional $50 per year, .id and .my will charge differently )
  • 99.9 % server uptime
  • Admin Control, FTP, Windows Server 2008

Vanda is highly customisable to user’s operational needs and requirement. With our professional services in software customisation, it helps our clients in achievement of efficiency, productivity and cost saving

Clinic IT Infrastructure

The following diagram displays a typical network setup for Vanda in a clinic environment. As we understand the value of our customers, we at Magicsoft Asia Systems have provided a complete solution for your IT infrastructure needs. Our complete solution covers the option of having backup and also the option of getting the server storage bundle from us.

A fully functional version of Vanda