Mobile Application – VandaCare (Introduction)
With the advent of VandaCare, this home care device packs precise diagnosis and conscientious doctor monitoring into a handy kit, which users are able to efficiently and conveniently use in the ease of their own homes. Allowing patients and their loved ones’ comfort and convenience to take center stage, this brings home care devices up to a whole new level.
The VandaCare prototype, which works simply like an application for Android Mobile phones, allows on-the-go instant tracking of patients records with the provision of a smartphone and data plan at hand.
It works in a simple manner:
The home care medical device reads first the patient’s blood pressure, glucose and temperature level. When the result are tabulated, the device’s built-in enhancement will automatically locate, connect and pair with your pre-assigned remote device (a smartphone/computer).
User will be able to receive the medical information and subsequently identify the different level measured. Previous reading data would also be automatically stored to allow easy reference and comparison, should the users require the use of it.
Thereby, enabling timely communication if medical checks, minimizing the risk of hospitalization, as well as doubling as a portable personal medical record.
Mobile Application – VandaCare (HomeCare Device)

We provide home monitoring systems for various physical parameter measurements including blood glucose monitoring systems, blood pressure monitoring systems, body temperature measurements and other physical examinations. All devices can be connected wirelessly to a data management system for clinical applications.


Wired (USB/RS232) and wireless technologies are available for diverse communication requirements depending on the users’ operating environment and can easily integrate with VandaCare Telehealth Systems.

Mobile Application – VandaCare (Android Screenshot)
Installed VandaCare Application   Main Screen
Device Selection   Querying Device Information
 Data Reading   Reading Data List
Generated Chart