5 Rights of Medication Administration

Magicsoft Asia enforces the 5 Rights of medication administration with the assistance of these mobile devices. So what are the 5 Rights?

First, remember that all patients should be treated equally. All patients are entitled to receive safe and appropriate nursing care. They are entitled to receive care from a competent and knowledgeable nurse. Patients are entitled to receive competent and safe care including receiving the correct medications.

The 5 Rights of Medication Administration are:

A little research has shown that this list have grown over the years to as many as eight depending on the source. The list now includes:

  • the Right to know information about the drug
  • the Right to refuse the drug
  • the Right documentation

It is important to follow these rules of patient medication administration to keep patient safe and prevent harm. Nursing medication errors can happen and thinking about these points can help to avoid these errors.

Follow these rules every time when passing out your patient medications to show that one is a knowledgeable and caring. By attempting to avoid medication errors, one is putting his/her patient’s safety first and patient safety is a top priority in nursing. With these mobile devices, VandaCare has been able to do so.

(adapted from http://www.nurses-neighborhood.com/5-rights.html)