Professional Services


Vanda is highly customisable to user’s operational needs and requirement. With our professional services in software customisation, it helps our clients in achievement of efficiency, productivity and cost saving.

Installation, Configuration and Testing

Installation is straightforward, an online assistance is provided for configuration, testing and commissioning.

On-site Training

On-site training is offered for basic operations, reporting import and export, systems management and statistical analysis. We also offer FREE training sessions at our support centre.


Services are provided for integrating Vanda with third party software, like accounting systems and others.

Manuals and Documentation

User manuals and explanatory documentation are provided for implementation and system management guidance. It is available for online and offline version

Data Export and Analysis 

Consulting is available for establishing special purpose data sets and with statistical analysis, like custom made version of Inventory reports.


Vanda offers full support, training and installation services. Software upgrades and maintenance is provided online and helpdesk support is delivered through telephone, e-mail and website forums.

Updates and Maintenance

Regular system updates and maintenance are provided to all Vanda customers with annual contracts.