Lexicomp Integrated

In response to the growing trend of electronic prescribing, we at Magicsoft Asia Systems have engaged Lexicomp to further enhance Vanda Clinical Management Systems‘ capabilities by relying on its comprehensive drug information to improve patient outcomes, and treat and diagnose patients at the point-of-care. With Lexicomp’s integration to our Vanda, it will help hospitals, EMRs, consumer websites and other health IT developers quickly and easily implement drug reference information and drug data into their systems.


Lexi-Data — our comprehensive clinical decision support database — gives you the in-depth drug information you need to meet the needs of your users. When integrated into your system, Lexi-Data can help you meet the certification requirements of clinical decision support and provide superior functionality that will help you quickly get your system up and running — allowing you to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Clinical Decision Support Functions

  • Drug-drug interactions
  • Drug-allergy interactions
  • Duplicate therapy checking
  • Dose range checking (adult and pediatric)

Additional Features

  • Indications for drugs
  • Descriptions (images and imprints)
  • Cross reactivity checking
  • Side effects
  • Pharmacology information
  • Pregnancy and lactation precautions
  • Warnings
  • Article references
  • Patient education handouts (English and Spanish)
  • Flat text dosing information
  • Common prescriptions
  • Drug disease interaction checking
  • Drug names (brand name, generic name, & common abbreviations)
  • Therapeutic categories
  • Drug classifications
  • Drug pricing
  • Standard or customized disease names and associated ICD-10 codes
  • Coding systems (NDC, J-Codes, Lexi-Comp Drug Codes)
  • Orange book codes
  • CSA schedules

Comparison Table

Lexi-Data Basic
Web Services
Drug names: brand name, generic name, common abbreviations
Pharmacological Class
Standard or customized disease names and associated ICD-10 codes
error.png - 1.26 KB
Coding systems: NDC, Main Lexicomp Drug Codes
Orange Book Codes
error.png - 1.26 KB
CSA Schedules
Drug pricing
error.png - 1.26 KB
Therapeutic categories
error.png - 1.26 KB
Descriptions, images, and imprint data
error.png - 1.26 KB
Interactions — drug-drug and drug-food
error.png - 1.26 KB
Drug allergy and allergic cross-reactivity checking
error.png - 1.26 KB
Side effects
error.png - 1.26 KB
Pharmacology information
error.png - 1.26 KB
Pregnancy and lactation precautions
error.png - 1.26 KB
error.png - 1.26 KB
Therapeutic duplication checking
error.png - 1.26 KB
Article references
error.png - 1.26 KB
Patient education leaflets — English, Spanish and French
error.png - 1.26 KB
Comprehensive dosing information
error.png - 1.26 KB
Common prescriptions
error.png - 1.26 KB error.png - 1.26 KB
Drug-disease interactions
error.png - 1.26 KB error.png - 1.26 KB
Indications for drugs
error.png - 1.26 KB error.png - 1.26 KB
Dose range checking — adult and pediatric
error.png - 1.26 KB
RXNorm Mappings
error.png - 1.26 KB error.png - 1.26 KB
NDC searching capable
error.png - 1.26 KB error.png - 1.26 KB

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