MIMS Integrated

In response to the growing trend of electronic prescribing, we at Magicsoft Asia Systems have engaged UBM Medica to further enhance Vanda Clinical Management Systems capabilities by relying on its comprehensive drug information to improve patient outcomes, and treat and diagnose patients at the point-of-care. With Lexicomp’s integration to our Vanda, it will help hospitals, EMRs, consumer websites and other health IT developers quickly and easily implement drug reference information and drug data into their systems.


A hallmark of excellence in providing approved local drug information, MIMS has been present in Asia Pacific for over 40 years and is now available at every point of care – encompassing print publications, online drug search portal (MIMS.com) and integrated drug knowledge bases within hospital formularies – serving more than 500,000 doctors healthcare professionals in 14 countries today.

The MIMS integrated solution contains MIMS drug database – the most up-to-date and comprehensive source of locally approved drug information – as well as the fast-responding MIMS decision support modules, which are internationally referenced and clinically reviewed to provide medically-reliable real-time intervention checks at any hours, for optimized patient safety and outcome.

Clinical Decision Support Functions

MIMS provides the following data for integration:

    • MIMS Full Product Information – composition; actions; therapeutic indications; contraindications, warnings and precautions; adverse reactions; dosage and administration; over dosage information.
    • MIMS Abbreviated Product Information – brand or product name; generic ingredients; manufacturer; composition and presentation; gluten-free status; dosage and administration information; pack sizes, prices, PBS restricted or authority indications; brand substitution; pregnancy category; use in sports classification; abbreviated information on approved indications; special precautions; adverse reactions and drug interactions.
    • MIMS Pill Identifier – an easy-to-search, comprehensive collection of individual tablet and capsule images.
    • MIMS Drug Interactions – an internationally referenced drug interaction-checking tool graded for clinical severity. Includes prescription, OTC and complementary medicines.
    • MIMS Drug and Allergy – a tool that highlights if the medicine being prescribed or dispensed is in the same class as a medicine to which the patient has a recorded allergy.
  • MIMS Consumer Medicines information (CMI) – instant access to MIMS comprehensive database of TGA-approved medicines information.

MIMS Drug Interactions and MIMS Drug and Allergy are clinical decision support products that allow healthcare professionals to check for a range of drug interactions. The CDS feature:

  • A warning system to facilitate safer prescribing, dispensing and administration of medicines.
  • The ability to review multiple medicines at one time.
  • A guide to ongoing management options.
  • References identifying the research that underpins the data.

MIMS integrated data is provided as a Windows-based application programming interface (API) or as ASCII ‘flat’ data.

For more information or further enquiries, visit MIMS or contact us today.