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Health Status Monitoring

Madam Maghes is running a nursing home in Petaling Jaya. Most of her patients are either stroke or diabetes patients. Her staffs have been complaining that the family members of the patients have been disrupting their concentration at work by calling frequently to enquire about the health condition of the patients. Occasionally, they even challenged the authority of the nurses about the accuracy of the vital sign records.

Madam Maghes agreed that there are two different views on this matter as some family members are over concerned on how the patient is doing, hence calling up frequently to get updates of the condition of the patients.  However, it might be also due that the family members have seen the lack of adequate care shown by the staffs when taking care of the patients. Therefore, they kept calling to enquire about the health condition of the patients. With the implementation of VandaCare in the nursing home, Madam Maghes managed to solve the concerns of the family members and the nurses at the same time.

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