Terms of Service

By purchasing services from Magicsoft Asia Systems Pte Ltd (Magicsoft-Asia.com), you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

Free Trial

The Vanda free trial is limited to 30 days and commences on your sign-up date. You may cancel the trial at any time before it concludes, at which point your data will be deleted within 48 hours without incurring any charges.


In order to insure uninterrupted service to your data hosting, the service contract will automatically renew unless cancelled by the client. Cancellation must be received by Magicsoft-Asia.com via email at least two weeks prior to the date of renewal. Magicsoft-Asia.com will acknowledge the cancellation notice within 24 hours of receipt. If you do not receive acknowledgement, please contact a representative as soon as possible.


The Enterprise Solution Account is not eligible for refunds. All payments for Magicsoft Enterprise Solution Account, including setup fees and subsequent charges regardless of usage, are non-refundable. Enterprise Solution Account will be automatically renewed every thirty (30) days unless you provide Magicsoft with written notice of termination at least 15 days prior to the end of the initial term or renewal term. To submit a request for cancellation, please email support@magicsoft-asia.com with the subject Cancellation Request.

Acceptable Use Policy

Magicsoft-Asia.com (Magicsoft Asia Systems Pte Ltd) reserves the right to refuse service to any material at our sole discretion. Although we do not believe in censorship, Magicsoft-Asia.com does not allow the following types of material:

  •   Websites containing pornographic material
  •   Racist or hate-related websites
  •   “Warez” sites, including but not limited to any copyrighted software or music files.
  •   Sites which provide methods for circumventing copy protection (“cracks”, keycodes, serial numbers, decoder chips, etc…) are also not permitted.
  •   Any other content which is not legal in the Singapore.

Unsolicited Email / Spam

Magicsoft-Asia.com will not host websites which are advertised through unsolicited email, excessive newsgroup cross posting, or off-topic newsgroup posts. What is considered spam is determined at the sole discretion of Magicsoft-Asia.com. Account in violation of this policy will be shut down without refund of any kind.