Vanda is a Clinic Management Systems that can be used by doctors, nurses,
pharmacist, dispensers or whoever holds a operational or managerial post in the
clinic, pharmacy, office and etc.

Vanda records and maintains series of information related to patient’s medical
and service history. It also provides analytic reports for clinic management
concerning inventory, income and customer relationship management.

Vanda provide solutions which significantly increase the clinical efficiency,
allowing doctors/nurses to spend more time with patients and less time with


Increase your sales by 300% with the Magicsoft CRM Solution

We found that even when we generate leads in large quantity for clients, there
is no proper system in place to convert leads into customers. Hence Magicsoft
CRM Solution is conceived to create sales for SMEs, at a time when economic
situation is not favorable and cash flow is critical for survival.

Running a business in Singapore is TOUGH

。Not enough new business

New business strategy is almost entirely reliant on referrals

。Leads cannot turn into sales

Salespeople forget to follow up with leads

。Customers are one-time

After all the prospecting & work, you only earn their business one time


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