Case Study (Specialists)
Nature of Customer Business: K.C Yeo Eye Specialist Clinic
Description: K.C Yeo Eye Specialist Clinic uses Vanda Clinic to manage manage patient records with Clinical Data.
Geographical location: Singapore
# of Clinics: 1
# of Doctors: 4
# of Nurses/Therapists: 20
Type of server deployed: PC Server
Vanda Modules customization:  Software Customization1. Theather Module
– Operation Records
– Services charges to the nurses
– Stock Control2. Clinical Module
– Medical report for
a. Clinical data
b. Examination
c. others3. UBS export Interface
– Daily Sales Invoices
– Customer records (patient)4. Staff Key Performance Indicator Report

5. Barcode Serial ID for stock tracibilities
– Record stock ID for purchase item
– Dispensing items with confirmation of serial no
– tracing report for the serial no