Vanda How-To-Use Videos

Adobe Flash Player is needed to play this videos. Click here to download Flash. Click on the video or press spacebar to resume the video when paused. Alternatively, you may view the videos on YouTube.

  • Login
    Login process tutorial as simple as that.
  • Audit Trail
    Accessing Audit Trail and its capabilities.
  • Change Password
    In need of a password for limited access? Fret not!
  • Toolbar
    Toolbars, making it easy.
  • User Management
    Here’s a feature for those who have more than one user.
  • SMS Management
    With SMS management, it makes appointments and stock checks much easier!
  • Clinic Information
    Here’s where everything with regards to the clinic goes.
  • Branches
    Did we ever mention that it supports multiple branches for a particular clinic?
  • Registered Companies
    Company clinic listing goes here.
  • Payment Methods
    Preset your payment methods here; be it NETS or credit card.
  • Doctors
    Selecting a clinic doctor made simpler with this.
  • Patient Visit Purposes
    Archive patient’s purpose of visit for future reference.
  • Clinic Data Library
    From known diagnosis to assessments, preset them here!
  • Service Dosage Library
    Set your services and dosages here.
  • Treatment Rooms
    Treatment rooms made easy.
  • Customer Companies
    Archive companies that is affiliated to the clinic.
  • Lab Code
    Laboratory codes at your service.
  • Lab Packages
    Laboratory packages made easy.
  • Inventory Information
    Everything about inventory information goes here.
  • Key Generators
    Understanding key abbreviations used in our clinic management system.
  • Others
    Miscellaneous data goes here.
  • ICD-9 CM Library
    Everything about ICD-9 CM library.
  • Vaccine
    Compile the vaccines database here!
  • Inventory
    Vanda keeps track of inventory for users.
  • Insurance
    Vanda clinic management system supports insurance claims and payments!
  • Billing and Payment
    Learning how to add bills and payment has never been easier than this!
  • Clinical Data
    Archive assessments and other data here!
  • Dispensary
    Keep track of dispensed drugs. Look here to know how!
  • Laboratory
    Laboratory how-to and features here!
  • Patient Registration
    Register patients with ease.
  • Patient Search and Patient Queue
    Searching through a lot of patient spells hard work. It’s a different story with Vanda.
  • Point System
    A feature that any spas would want to have!
  • Vanda Fora
    A feature that is supported by our clinic management systems.