Omron Bluetooth® 身体监测仪

This monitor is a Continua certified Body Composition Monitor and Scale with Bluetooth® wireless technology. This monitor allows users to have a comprehensive view of their health level through several fitness indicators and provides an ability to easily transmit data to electronic health applications. We are currently using Omron Bluetooth® Body Composition Monitor BF-206BT.

Bluetooth® Body Composition Monitor HBF-206IT

Bluetooth® Body Composition Monitor BF-206BT

Bluetooth® wireless communication function

Communication function : Bluetooth® Ver2.1+EDR Class2 (10m)

Profile : SPP/HDP (conforming to Continua design guidelines)

Data format standard : IEEE11073-10415

Pairing : Secure Simple Pairing/Passcode system

Data transmission : Measurement date/time, measurement values, model, personal target values, serial number, and personal profile number.