Omron Pedometer无线通信HJ-721IT &和蓝牙链接配置HHX-IT1

This pedometer along with the Bluetooth® Docking station provides the market-proven accuracy of Omron pedometers with the ability to easily transmit data to electronic health and fitness applications. The unique docking station is Continua certified, and allows an entire family to each have Omron pedometers and transmit their data through 1 simple device.For more product information please click here for English and here for Japanese.
Pedometer with Wireless Communications HJ-721ITFor North America
Bluetooth® Pedometer Docking Station HHX-IT1For North America

Bluetooth® wireless communication function Communication function : Bluetooth® Ver2.1+EDR Class2 (10m)Profile : SPP/HDP (conforming to Continua design guidelines)

Data format standard : IEEE11073-10441

Pairing : Secure Simple Pairing/Passcode system

Data transmission : Measurement date, measurement figure, model, and serial number

  Pedometer with Wireless Communications HJ-721IT(For North America)



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