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pharmacist checking medicines drugstore for inventory management systems

Advanced Inventory Management for Your Clinics

The increased adoption of Clinic Inventory Management Systems in the Healthcare IT industry is attributed...
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Welcome onboard for Healthier SG

How to Onboard Healthier SG for GP Clinics

The healthcare service in Singapore has been increasingly improved with the introduction of Healthier SG...
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Magicsoft ISO 27001 Certified

Magicsoft Asia Systems Achieves ISMS ISO/IEC 27001 Certification

We are delighted to share the exciting news that Magicsoft Asia Systems has successfully achieved...
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Clinic and SmartCMS

SmartCMS Programme for Better Healthcare Services

Clinic Management Services (CMS) now emerged as a solution that is revolutionizing the way medical...
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Doctor and Patient Discuss about Health Plan on Healthier SG-compatible CMS

Power Up Clinics with Healthier SG-compatible CMS

The landscape of healthcare in Singapore has been undergoing a transformative shift, driven by the...
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Family Doctors as Key to a Healthier Singapore

Family doctors or General Practitioners (GP) serve as the initial point of contact for individuals...
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Healthier SG for Your Medical Benefits

Image by on Freepik Healthier SG represents a comprehensive initiative aimed at reshaping Singapore’s...
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AIMO 650: The Best Label Printer for Healthcare Administration

Aimo 650 thermal printer bluetooth label offer professional-quality, reliable printing at a competitive price. Fast...
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Reshaping Healthcare: The National Electronic Health Record (NEHR) Changes Singapore Medical Landscape

Image by studiogstock on Freepik Singapore’s healthcare system is undergoing a momentous leap forward with...
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