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Standard Module Optional Module
One time charge               
Administrative Modules Free
Master data management Free
Service and Dosage Library Free
Inventory Purchase Module Free
User Management Free
Clinical data Module Free
Patient  & Billing Management Free
Patient Management Modules Free
Billing and Payment Modules Free
Laboratory Modules Free
Common Reports Module Free
Label Module Free
Vanda Aesthetic Module
Consent Form Module
Vanda 3 M Scanner Interface
Vanda Loyalty Software License
Wacom Drawing Pad Interface
Vanda Queue Terminal
Vanda MYOB Interface
Vanda Operations Module
Vanda Claims Module
Vanda Opthalmologist Module
Vanda HR Attendance Module
Vanda Hearing Test Module
Vanda Admission Module
Vanda Review module (patient discharge)
Vanda Treatment module (SOC)
Vanda Dental Module
Vanda Body Measurement Module
Vanda MIMS Interface
Vanda Workflow Procedure Module
Vanda self-registration Module