Vanda is ready for NEHR now.

All healthcare institutions in Singapore are required to contribute data to the National Electronic Health Record (NEHR), in a move aimed at providing better care for patients.

Magicsoft had already developed the NEHR feature for SPS EMR, now Vanda is ready to provide NEHR feature for all our clients.

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NEHR Onboarding Process & Certification Milestones

There are four phases required to complete NEHR Integration and Onboarding. Each phase includes respective activities, corresponding entry and exit criteria for progressing to next phase.

Planning, Analysis & Mapping as well as Testing will primarily be the responsibility of IT vendors or IT teams.

1.A successful Deployment requires Licensees’ preparation to begin data sharing with the NEHR.

2.Key certification milestones will be awarded at different stages of the NEHR onboarding process.


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